UNStudio selected to realize ‘prototype of future living’ residential complex in Moscow


A new community-focused architectural concept by UNStudio, dubbed a “prototype of future living,” has been selected as the winner for a new 118,000-square-meter (1.27 million-square-foot) residential complex in Moscow.

The proposal was part of an international competition organized by Citymakers for project developer Glavstroy, who requested a design that incorporates the historical heritage of the region and contributes to the formation of a local community. It consists of a courtyard park, 71,000 square meters of housing, a kindergarten, fitness center, commercial spaces, and underground parking. The project is part of a growth in residential construction in Moscow, in which the creation of sustainable and healthy communities is a primary challenge. 

As per the architects: “The development is designed to create a prototype of future living that puts the wellbeing of the residents first, encourages indoor-outdoor living, cultivates an atmosphere of home and safety, and provides a range of sustainable social opportunities in this rapidly changing urban environment.”

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