The Bronx’s Universal Hip Hop Museum gets a 2024 opening date

An opening date has been set for S9 Architecture’s Universal Hip Hop Museum (UHHM) project in the South Bronx.

Located on the site claiming to be the birthplace of hip hop, the new $80 million museum, which is part of a larger $349 million mixed-use residential development called Bronx Point, will open sometime in 2024. According to Hyperallergic, the museum is being developed by Bronx native Rocky Bucano alongside Microsoft and MIT professor D. Fox Harrell to create an immersive and “technologically advanced interactive museum experience.”

The Bronx's Universal Hip Hop Museum gets a 2024 opening date

May 2022 construction photo of the Bronx Point development. Image courtesy the Universal Hip Hop Museum via Facebook

Phase One of the Bronx Point development is expected to be completed by the end of next year. In total, the 22-story building will include over 1,000 residential units (around 540 of which are considered affordable), the museum (the exhibition spaces of which are designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates with the Hip Hop Architect, Mic…

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Researchers from Flinders University have developed bricks made from waste materials that don’t require mortar to bond

Researchers from Flinders University’s Chalker Research Lab have developed a more sustainable alternative to making bricks by using waste products. 

The team used low-cost feedstocks to make lightweight but durable polymer building blocks, which can be bonded together with an adhesive-free chemical reaction. Their study tested the strength of these materials and explored ways they can be reinforced in construction

Researchers from Flinders University have developed bricks made from waste materials that don't require mortar to bond

Cover image of international chemistry and physics journal, “Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics” Sustainability Edition. Graphics by Animate Your Science. Image cover courtesy of Flinders University.

“In this study, we tested a new type of brick we can make from waste cooking oil, mixed with sulfur and dicyclopentadiene (DCPD),” says Justin Chalker, Professor of Chemistry at Flinders and the project leader. “Both sulfur and DCPD are byproducts of petroleum refining. These bricks bond together without mortar upon application of a trace amount of amine catalyst. All the s…

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MVRDV gets the bid for new ‘Oasis Towers’ development in one of China’s fastest-growing cities

MVRDV will lead a new mixed-use development in the growing Chinese city of Nanjing following the results of an international competition that was announced on Monday.

The newly-minted Oasis Towers project reportedly entails two 150-meter-tall (492-foot) towers separated by a green plaza and featuring the same staggered, chasm-like facades seen in the firm’s previous Valley design from 2017.

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