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This year’s Architectural League Prize winners offer answers to elemental questions about the foundations of design


Winners have been announced in The Architectural League of New York‘s latest Prize for Young Architects + Designers portfolio competition. Each contestant is an early-career architect with no more than ten years out of a B.Arch or Master’s program. 

The theme for this year’s cycle is called “Grounding” and challenged entrants to “reflect on the substance of design’s foundations.” The League defined Grounding as a process of “making vital connections to what is already there materially, socially, and otherwise [while] contending with placeless, pervasive processes” and hoped to find an answer to a trio of questions: How do young architects tether their work and practices to the grounds upon which they design? How can designers respond to both the particularities of location and the ubiquity of global forces? And, what are intentional approaches to and forms of grounding?

Scroll down to see the full list of winners from the U.S. and Mexico.

Citygroup, New York, NY

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