The Taipei Fine Arts Museum presents the initiation of its two phase expansion project [Sponsored]


The Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) was completed in 1983 as stands as Taiwan’s first modern and contemporary art museum. Over the past thirty-eight years the Museum has undergone several improvements and reorganizations to keep abreast of continuous transformations in the local and international art world. However, for many years now, its collection and exhibition spaces have been in urgent need of expansion to accommodate the several decades of growth experienced by Taiwan’s rich and energetic art community. The Museum collections hold more than 5,300 important artworks and archives from Taiwan’s modern period, as well as representative works by artists from Taiwan and abroad reflecting contemporary topics. However, with less than 8% of the current Museum’s space allocated to the collection storage area, the space and its facilities are insufficient for professional conservation, restoration, and research. Furthermore, although the museum archives a vast collection of artworks presented in “Taiten” (Taiwan Art Exhibition), “Futen” (Taiwan Viceroy Art Exhibition), and other Taiwanese art assets, lack of space has made permanent exhibits impossible. On the other hand, the existing exhibition venues cannot accommodate the trend towards international art and cultural development in Taipei. Therefore, with the support of the Taipei City Government, the Museum began planning for expansion in order to facilitate Taiwanese art in comprehensive dimensions, and in recent years has taken decisive steps to accomplish this goal.

The launch of Out of Bounds: TFAM Expansion will help extend the Museum’s art complex, thus expanding Taiwan’s contemporary art vista.

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