The London Society announces love-letter writing contest for city


London lovers looking for a bit of extra quid can put their passion to paper thanks to a new competition authored by The London Society. 

The 109-year-old organization has announced a new letter-writing contest that will reward a quintet of laconic Londoners who can demonstrate their love for the city in lurid prose and lively poetry.

£4,000 (about $5,400) of prize money are up for grabs across five categories Under 18, Open (all UK), International, Student, and Poetry — composed around a prompt of “recovery and resilience” mirroring the ‘Built Back Better’ mantra that has gripped the city since the pandemic began to wane. 

One overall winner will be awarded £500, categorical winners will each receive £400, while second- and third-place finishers will walk away with £200 and £100 prizes respectively. A five-member jury panel has been announced including London Review of Books publisher Nicholas Spice and BBC presenter Razia Iqbal. 

All different styles of writing are allowed in the contest. Essays are limited to 500 words or less and submitted poems have been limited to 40 lines. Entries must be received before midnight on November 30th. Final judging will take place during December as winners will be announced in January. 

More information about entering the contest can be found here.

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