Saudi Arabia is set to convert an oil rig into a 150,000-square-meter amusement park


Saudi Arabia may be trying to reduce its dependency on oil, but that hasn’t stopped the Arabic kingdom from using its petroleum industry as inspiration for a brand new tourist attraction. The Middle Eastern country has announced plans to convert an oil rig into a 150,000 square meter “extreme park” and resort located in the Arabian Gulf.

Called The Rig, the project is being funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). The resort takes the shape of an offshore oil platform, the world’s first according to the PIF, and comprises three hotels, 11 restaurants, helipads, and an assortment of amusement activities, such as roller coaster rides, bungee jumping, and diving.

In a statement, the PIF says this attraction is intended to draw tourists from around the world. It is part of PIF’s strategy to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s tourism and entertainment sector, which falls under the long-term Saudi Vision 2030, an initiative that aims to provide development opportunities in order to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil and to diversify the economy.

#PIF announces “THE RIG.” Project.
The world’s first tourism destination inspired by offshore oil platforms.

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— Public Investment Fund (@PIF_en) October 16, 2021

The PIF also says The Rig will ensure t…

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