Ross Caliendo’s Monochromatic Paintings Hum With Intensity


Ross Caliendo’s Monochromatic Paintings Hum With Intensity

Ross Caliendo is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates landscapes that jump off the canvas. Always working within a monochromatic schema, his work is just as much an exploration into color theory, as it is a meditation on the natural world.

The artist has unveiled a new body of work, titled, “Forever & Ever,” at Ross+Kramer Gallery. Peruse the halls to find a suite of new paintings — both large scale and medium format — which each reflect a scene in a primary color and harmonize when viewed in unison. Upon closer inspection, you can find Caliendo’s thick use of impasto over the monochromatic underpainting — revealing a layered tension that hums with intensity.

Previously, the artist typically worked across abstraction but found there to be a disconnect when audiences viewed his work. “I really wanted to have a narrative, rather than it just being about the painting itself,” Caliendo said in a past interview. “The poetry of the natural world — giving the viewer a story to hold on to, to make an entry point for them — is what drew me to start doing that,” he added.

“Forever & Ever” is on view now at Ross+Kramer Gallery in New York until November 12.

Ross+Kramer Gallery
515 W 27th St,
New York, NY 10065

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Ross Caliendo’s Monochromatic Paintings Hum With Intensity

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