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Polaroid Pop-up Store, Interior design by inkmason by inkmason



Project Background

Brand Experience x Design Strategy

Located within the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li shopping complex in Chengdu, this vibrant Polaroid pop-up store – designed by inkmason and commissioned by LoOneCommune (Polaroid’s exclusive agent in China) – is the product of a combination of extensive research on brand positioning, site context and consumer experience. Visitors’ projected experience of the brand within the space provided the basis for formulating an appropriate design strategy, while also serving as the basis for a design-and-build system suitable for applying to the brand’s future pop-up stores.

To express in as pure a way as possible Polaroid’s unique qualities with a clean, contemporary design language, the “process of creating beauty” was used as a springboard for the spatial design.  In doing so, the intrinsic characteristics of the site and the brand as well as the dynamic relationship within the intimate space were amplified. 


Fun-filled Space

A Spa…

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