Pedestal.05 is a minimal step stool created by Japan-based designer Luka Yasukawa. Pedestal.05 is a step stool that the upper step is combined to hold the simple shaped lower step. The unique typology of this step stool is determined by the clear and simple structure of these steps. And it can be put small things in… Continue reading Pedestal.05

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Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge, Shanghai

Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge, Shanghai Structure, Hybrid Infrastructure, Chinese Architecture Design Photos Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge in Shanghai 15 Jan 2022 Architecture: Brearley Architects+Urbanists Location: Qingpu, Shanghai, Suzhou Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China Photos by Zhu Runzi Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge Yuandang Bridge – a hybrid infrastructure The Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge celebrates the coming together of Jiangsu Province… Continue reading Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge, Shanghai

This 3D printed portable toilet is made from recycled plastic!

This sustainable toilet is designed to compost solid waste while also tackling the sanitation crisis – using design and technology to do good sh*t! It is a solution that eradicates plastic waste and turns it into a construction material that reduces the load on landfills. The portable toilet is also absolutely beautiful with its white… Continue reading This 3D printed portable toilet is made from recycled plastic!

5 Ideas for Improving Yourself in 2022

Brief  If your New Year’s intentions are waning, try revising core habits such as your sleep schedule, exercise routine and daily practice of visualizing success, writes Scott Eblin, who shares what he’s working on. “If your mojo is fading, take a little bit of time this week to figure out a few things you can… Continue reading 5 Ideas for Improving Yourself in 2022

Breezeway House / David Boyle Architect

© Brett Boardman Photography architects: David Boyle Architect Location: Macmasters Beach NSW 2251, Australia Project Year: 2019 Photographs: Brett Boardman Photography Area: 231.0 m2 Read more »

Wikipedia Doesn’t Think NFTs Are a Form of Art

According to reports, a group of editors at Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, do not believe nonfungible tokens (NFT) are a form of art. Questioning if NFTs can be considered art began back in December, following discussions five Wikipedia editors voted against classifying NFTs as art with one in opposition. One Wikipedia editor said, “Wikipedia… Continue reading Wikipedia Doesn’t Think NFTs Are a Form of Art