NFT Magazine Announces Crypto Art Fair in NYC


NFT Magazine Announces Crypto Art Fair in NYC

NFT Magazine is holding its first event, Crypto Art Fair, at Times Square in New York City.

The event will take place through a large 15,000 square foot billboard and will showcase a range of artwork throughout the day. The Magazine’s inaugural event will feature work from over 70 artists including Alex Christodoulou, Marc Tudisco, Alexa Meade, Federico Clapis, Steven Baltay, Ted’s Little Dream, Clay Weishaar and more.

“We wanted to create an event for people to engage with NFTs beyond their computer screens in isolation, as well as bringing NFTs to the eyes of the general public through a unique visual experience,” said NFT Magazine founders Rodni and Xhois Baja.

Additionally, the art fair is set to include an augmented reality (AR) experience through the magazine’s partnership with AR platform, SuperWorld, and social discovery platform, Pollinate. The AR experience will be available through the SuperWorld app.

Rounding out the Crypto Art Fair is a panel discussion hosted by CSTM Haus featuring Rodni Baja and other speakers from SuperWorld and Pollinate. Tickets for the panel discussion are available now.

NFT Magazine’s Crypto Art Fair is set to take place Tuesday, November 2.

In related news, Tomi Ungerer will be honored at Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen.

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NFT Magazine Announces Crypto Art Fair in NYC

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