Newly signed infrastructure bill halts MTA fare increases and service cuts


The transit agency that oversees New York City’s subway, buses and two regional commuter rails will postpone fare increases for at least six months and defer drastic service cuts now that it anticipates receiving billions of dollars from the federal infrastructure bill, officials said on Monday.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said that the newly-enacted $1 trillion infrastructure bill signed by President Biden today would allow the state and the MTA to avoid harmful price and service changes. The influx of money comes as the MTA is aggressively trying to lure back ridership, which plummeted in the wake of the pandemic resulting in massive losses in revenue.  

Newly signed infrastructure bill halts MTA fare increases and service cuts

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According to The New York Times, the MTA has for months been warning about service cuts, and at one point, projected reducing subway and bus service by around 40 percent. Other plans to implement fare increases have been postponed throughout the year. While the bill will alleviate pressure from the MTA, it remains unclear how long fare increases and service cuts will be averted. The agency is expected to present its latest financial plan, including details on its 2022 budget, at its board meeting on Wednesday.

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