New York City announces another round of resiliency pilot programs as de Blasio prepares to step down


Outgoing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has released a new $90 billion dollar resiliency plan that will expand on an existing pilot program using the city’s own climate-based design guidelines as a precept.

The plan calls for a total of 40 new projects overseen by 23 different capital agencies within a five-year timeframe that will culminate in a strengthened bulwark against the deadly effects of climate change with a particular focus on New York’s oft-neglected “environmental justice areas.”

City entities as diverse as NYCHA and the FDNY will receive between $1 and $3 billion apiece for projects which are the precursors to the soon-to-be-implemented Local Law 41, according to the mayor’s office.

“Climate change is happening now and we have the guide we need to ensure our public infrastructure is protected in New York City,” Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “Roads, hospitals, public housing, and buildings need to be designed with the impact of extreme weather in mind, and the NYC Cl…

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