New Mags


New Mags

New Mags is a minimal concept store located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Norm Architects. The calm subsides when entering the new flagship store of New Mags located in an exclusive area of the old City of Copenhagen; Ny Østergade. Taking inspiration from traditional libraries, the space heroes the unique and carefully curated coffee table books, allowing them to serve as artworks on equal footing with selected sculptures and objects. Natural materials like oak wood and golden sandstone act as the tranquil framework as you immerse yourself in the meaningful, the beautiful, the big, the small, the weird, and the essential books. Books that remind us of what we love and what is important, what we have been, what we are and what we can become. A stimulating clash of materiality, form and function creates this dynamic space, embracing the essence of New Mags as a brand, while showcasing the protagonist of the space – the curated coffee table books – in a warm ambience with room for contemplation amidst unique artworks.

Encasing wooden panels cover the walls in correspondence with the division of the grand façade windows and fold through the entire space to create a room within the tall space that feels warm and embracing. Hence, the oak veneer walls not only echo the wooden landscape of a traditional library, but also create the vertical division that was needed within the existing silo-like architecture. Connecting the retail element with the core of the company, two pivoting parts of the panel wall reveal an office space in the back of the store for occasional drop-down workplaces, meetings or for customers to sit in peace and quiet when flipping through a book – a feature that allows for the space to have several functions without any unnecessary clutter, as it can be both closed off and open to the public, depending on the given situation and need. Moreover, the use of oak wood recurs in the wall shelving, resembling those of the library, and in a long study table, gracefully tying the interior together, while also breaking up the space.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

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