Museums are closing across Europe as Omicron variant rapidly spreads


Museums in Denmark and the Netherlands will close as part of new coronavirus lockdown measures being imposed in both countries in reaction to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the disease. The announcements have been met with resignation and disappointment as it will mean further strain on the already stretched museum sector after nearly two years of sporadic closures and reduced capacity.

In London, the Natural History Museum is closed until December 27th due to staffing shortages caused by Covid. The Wellcome Collection and the Foundling Museum in London have also decided to shut down amid the surge. These closures come without the UK government declaring any mandates for these institutions to close their doors. On the other hand, national mandates in both the Netherlands and Denmark have closed all non-essential establishments and public venues until mid-January. 

In the US, with New York City reporting record numbers of daily Covid cases, no major institutions have closed. As it stands, another shutdown is out of the equation.

Museums are closing across Europe as Omicron variant rapidly spreads

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