Maximalist 180: A New Edge to Swedish Design


When you think of Swedish design, you likely have images of stark minimalism come to mind. Maximalist 180° turns that thought on its head. Presented by Adorno as part of Adorno London earlier this year, eleven designers shed the country’s history in favor of maximalism. Collector and curator Stephen Markos chose these individuals to showcase a creative balance between refined and rustic with pieces that might find their place in a home or elsewhere. They’re representatives of Swedish design’s maximalist-leaning creators who bring togethers crafts, techniques and materials, taking their cues from trends in Europe and beyond.

cement skatepark with pieces of furniture and art

“There is a lot to say about this shift in thinking, from classic Scandinavian design to something which blurs the lines of minimalism and maximalism. There is a desire to innovate and carve out a new space for both emerging and established designers. Alongside this, traditional craft practices remain highly revered, albeit with a twist,” said Markos.

metal and textile stool

Andrea Santivanez, Fringefloss \ Photo: Helena Pataki

Virtually presented in a concrete skatepark surrounded by a field of flowers, designers Andrea Santivanez, Elias Båth, Gustav Winsth, Jonatan Nilsson, Josefin Zachrisson, Julia Olanders, LAB LA BLA, Oscar Wall, Lisa Hartwig Ericson, Maria Bang Espersen and Sofie Wallenius demonstrated Sweden’s breadth of creativity. By bringing together the country’s traditional hantverk (or handicrafts) – such as glass blowing, textile development and woodwork – a wide variety of furniture and decorative objects were created to give us just a taste of what to look for from the country in the future.

sculpture on beige background

Gustav Winsth, DIO \ Photo: Olov Karlsson

pink and aqua gradient vase on white plinth

Jonatan Nilsson, Shifting Shape Vase \ Photo: Tor Westerlund

curved wire bench in white gallery setting

Josefin Zachrisson & Mira Bergh, Seats System Series \ Photo Double Up Studio

chair with various woods

LAB LA BLA, BBQ Chair #8

droopy white lamp with bubble-like bulb

Lisa Hartwig Ericson, Blob Lamp

mirror with abstract pearlized frame in white wall

Maria Bang Espersen, No Mirror \ Photo: MBE

wood and textile chair

Oscar Wall, RYA

abstract light pink lamp with bare bulb

Julia Olanders, Pink Pearl Lamp \ Photo: Karin Olanders

abstract sculpture on white background

Elias Båth, Död Mark \ Photo: Ale Erlingmark

wood chair with light blue upholstery

Sofie Wallenius, Frame Shaming Chair

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