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Marinha Grande House by Contaminar Arquitetos


I get in the car, turn the keys, listen to the noisy symphony coming from the engine and hit the road to reach my house in the town of Amieira, next to Marinha Grande, land of glass and the mold industry in Portugal.

Arriving at the desired address, after passing through the small family industries and between the pine forest of Leiria and the small town of Amieira, with some isolated and disordered houses, I see amidst the green vegetation, at the bottom of the plot, the house, which has an industrial image, which refers to the industrial pavilions in Marinha Grande, but at the same time conveys the comfort, scale and image of a contemporary dwelling. A large and voluminous metallic canopy, black and dynamic, draws the contours of the house and rests on a glass box that makes it levitate.

The zigzag path from the entrance gate to the house is a walk through my garden, an alley with two paths, one for the car and another pedestrian that branches with other paths through the garden.

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