Long before COP26, the architect’s career was being reshaped by climate change


On 31st October, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) will begin in Glasgow, Scotland. Among the events across the two-week conference is Built Environment Day: the first time a dedicated day at COP will be given to addressing carbon emissions from buildings. The dedicated day, scheduled for 12th November, is in addition to a virtual climate pavilion running throughout the conference which, as we previously reported, will feature 17 exemplary climate-conscious architectural projects from around the world.

The inclusion of a dedicated Built Environment Day at COP26 is not without reason, and is arguably long overdue. According to the World Green Building Council, almost 40% of global energy and process-related emissions are generated by the building and construction industry. While 28% of emissions are derived from operational energy use, such as heating, cooling, and powering buildings, the remaining 11% of emissions are released from materials and construction …

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