Largest Wooden Building in Iceland



Architecture studios Jakob+MacFarlane and T.ark have designed a low-carbon cross-laminated timber building called Living Landscape that will transform a landfill site in Iceland’s capital city.


Slated for completion in 2026, the 26,000-square-metre mixed-use building is set to become the “largest wooden building in Iceland” once complete.Living Landscape has been developed by French studio Jakob+MacFarlane and local studio T.ark to give new life to the polluted landscape and offer a prototype for similar future developments in Reykjavík.

“The project recreates a fragment of authentic natural landscape on top of polluted land to compensate for years of pollution and heal the man-made damage to what has once been a beautiful coastal landscape,” Jakob+MacFarlane told Dezeen.

Project is a Reinventing Cities winner

Once complete, the project will contain a mix of housing for students, elderly people and families, alongside workspaces, daycare facilities and local shops.It is among the 49 winning projects of the Reinventing Cities competition, which was organised by global network C40 Cities to encourage the transformation of underused urban spaces into “beacons of sustainability and resiliency”.

The projects strive to help urban areas meet the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change by minimising carbon emissions.The Reinventing Cities programme encourages projects to minimise both embodied carbon – emissions generated during material production and construction – and operational carbon, which are emissions caused by the building’s usage.

Jakob+MacFarlane and T.ark are aiming for net-zero emissions, meaning the design will eliminate all possible emissions and offset any that cannot be eliminated by removing carbon from the atmosphere.

READ MOREThe post Largest Wooden Building in Iceland appeared first on GCO Portal.

The post Largest Wooden Building in Iceland appeared first on GCO Portal.

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