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How to Perfect Fit a Window



The world of window sizes can be a little confusing — but our quick guide is here to explain everything you need to know.



Window sizes are just one aspect to consider when choosing windows for your home — along with style, material, colour and configuration.

The window sizes you choose will not only need to take into account the sizes of any existing openings in the case of renovations and conversions, but should also be selected based on how they will sit with the other proportions of the house as a whole.The window styles you choose will also play a part in the window sizes you opt for.


What Are Standard Window Sizes?

There is actually no such thing as standard window sizes in the UK. However, many window manufacturers do tend to offer ranges of ready-to-fit products for most window styles in the most commonly specified sizes.

If, like so many others, these common sizes do not fit in with your requirements or your existing window openings, you will need to have your windows custom made to fit.


Understanding Window Measurements

Before starting your search for the perfect windows for your home, it is important to understand the size notation used by window manufacturers. This will help you choose the right products easily.

The size notation is actually very simple. You will see window sizes as a four digit figure. The first two numbers are the width of the window, while the second two numbers are the height. These figures refer to the height and width in feet and inches.So, for example, a window marked 2436, would have a width of 2 feet 4 inches and a height of 3 feet 6 inches.

It is important to note that although windows sizes are usually given in whole numbers, they are commonly around half and inch less than the number stated. This is to make installation easier. So, a window marked to fit into a a 34in x 36in opening, it will usually only really measure approx. 33.5in by 35.5in.


READ MOREThe post How to Perfect Fit a Window appeared first on GCO Portal.

The post How to Perfect Fit a Window appeared first on GCO Portal.

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