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  • enigma-house-by-mem-arquitectos

    Enigma House by Mem Arquitectos

    Enigma House is a modern single-family house located in Querétaro City, Mexico, designed in 2022 by Mem Arquitectos. Read more … Related:Kaab Residence by Di Frenna ArquitectosCasa Nea by YDR EstudioLight Garden House…

  • cromatica-by-studio-tamat

    Cromatica by Studio Tamat

    Cromatica is a contemporary apartment located in Rome, Italy, redesigned in 2022 by Studio Tamat. Read more … Related:Casa N by Giuseppe MerendinoÁvila by Allaround LabEM Apartment by Nuno Nascimento

  • casa-n-by-giuseppe-merendino

    Casa N by Giuseppe Merendino

    Casa N is a contemporary house located in Floridia, Italy, designed in 2022 by Giuseppe Merendino. Read more … Related:Cromatica by Studio TamatCasa GD Cerro Real by Casalvolone ArchitectureQuarry House by AB Design…

  • saint-peter-house-by-proyecto-cafeina

    Saint Peter House by Proyecto Cafeína

    Saint Peter House is a unique brick house located in San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, designed in 2019 by Proyecto Cafeína. Read more … Related:Casa Malandra by TACGiorio Casa by Wang ZhongliStagioni House…

  • casa-gd-cerro-real-by-casalvolone-architecture

    Casa GD Cerro Real by Casalvolone Architecture

    Casa GD Cerro Real is a contemporary concrete residence located in Costa Rica, designed in 2022 by Casalvolone Architecture. Read more … Related:Casa Malandra by TACMonolithus by Kapsimalis ArchitectsResidential House in Kaunas by…