Fishers Island House by Resolution: 4 Architecture


Located off the coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island, yet occupying a body of water in the state of New York, Fishers Island is accessible only by ferry. While during the summer months the island’s population swells to over 3000, year-round residents total only about 300. Delivery of daily supplies and materials is therefore limited. Contractors live on the mainland, creating short workdays due to the commute, thereby causing construction of a new home to take longer and effectively cost more. Leveraging off-site construction, shipping volumetric prefabricated modules—complete with plumbing, electrical, and finishes—makes for a much more cost-effective method of building on the island. The boxes were designed specifically not only for the client and site, but also to fit on the standard ferry.

The client, a family of four with 2 recent college-graduates, has extended family that also lives on the island. This house is designed to accommodate and entertain them all for generations t…

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