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Exploring Methods of Resiliency in Society, Ecology, and Design with Kevin Mojica, Sam Fox Ambassadors Graduate Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis


Continuing with our spotlight on architecture fellowships and the individuals behind the work and research, we present Part Two of our special (2020–2022) Sam Fox Ambassadors Graduate Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis features. Last week, we highlighted the work of fellow Nathan Stanfield. Here, we share our interview with Sam Fox Ambassadors Graduate Fellow Kevin Mojica about his research. 

Mojica’s path to studying architecture was influenced by his upbringing in Mexico and the architectural disparities he observed growing up in Southern Florida. During our in-depth interview, Mojica identifies the stark realities immigrant families face when it comes to housing and challenges in climate change. He discusses how his experiences influenced his design perspectives and focus on climate resiliency projects and design’s impact through a social and cultural lens. “To understand my interest in design and architecture, I feel it is important to share my background as a first-ge…

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