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Estimated cost of damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure reaches $63 billion


The cost of direct damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure in the month since Russia invaded the country has reached $63 billion, according to an analysis from the Kyiv School of Economics.

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) also reports that between the start of the invasion on February 24th through March 24th, at least 4,431 residential buildings, 92 factories and warehouses, 378 schools, 138 healthcare institutions, 12 airports, and seven thermal power and hydroelectric power plants have been damaged, destroyed, or seized. Ukrainian officials have reported that so far in April, Russian forces have destroyed the country’s only fully functioning oil refinery and have hit other critical infrastructure. 

To calculate the cost of Ukraine’s damaged infrastructure, KSE researchers analyzed data submitted by civilians, the Ministry of Infrastructure, and local authorities. They also employed indirect methods, such as calculating the estimated area of war-damaged property in the most impacted cities. 

Estimated cost of damage to Ukraine's infrastructure reaches $63 billion

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