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Editor’s Picks #534


Niall Patrick Walsh explains how multiple fatal fires earlier this year (in the Bronx and Philadelphia) are but the latest examples in an ongoing national failureto adhere to existing regulations and unsatisfactory explanations from city officials responsible for enforcing” standards and safety in public-housing.

Plus, in response to Russia’s invasion of its neighbor, Archinect published some Voices from Ukraine. citizen found

That post by Janna Kiseleva…both heart-rending and inspiring.


San Francisco’s Millennium Tower is now also moving horizontally, while it continues to settle and sink. Although, philippelletier was incredulous that they didn’t “drive piles to the bedrock. It would have added millions of dollars to the cost but look what they are paying now” given his experience in the industry archanonymous “would be surprised if anyone ever seriously debated not having piles to bedrock…It is funny to me how easily some of those early decisions are made with little re…

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