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Editor’s Picks #533


Josh Niland reached out to both emerging and established firms founded by architects who are partners (in both business and life) and asked them to reflect on the benefits and practice of such a “total” partnership.

Some noted an “About” page, “crafted” language and reallynotmyname felt like “This would be so much more useful if things like how these folks deal finances and childcare were talked about.

Meanwhile, as part of Archinect’s Studio Snapshot series, Katherine Guimapang spoke with Elizbeth Leber, Managing Partner at Beyer Blinder Belle, who closed with this advice

“Lastly, take your headphones off. When you’re working in the studio or for a firm, it’s easy to escape into your own bubble behind headphones. When I was an intern, there was a wealth of knowledge I picked up in the studio by listening to what was around me.

Editor's Picks #533

New York Public Library, The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library (SNFL). Image credit- Mecanoo with Beyer Blinder Belle


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