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EA264: Mothers in Architecture


EA264: Mothers in ArchitectureEA264: Mothers in Architecture

EA264: Mothers in Architecture

Mothers in Architecture

Are you a mother working in architecture, design or the construction industry and seeking a group of supportive professionals just like you? Are you a firm owner seeking to work with or hire a new member to your team?

Well, then this is the episode of which you want to download and listen. This week, Mark R. LePage speaks with Bianca Beadling, Tara Wood Dozark and Elsa Contreras, co-founders of the Mothers in Architecture, Design and Construction Facebook Group.

You will learn about a private forum where mothers who practice architecture will find, support, encouragement and the resources they need. You will also learn about what mothers practicing architecture need from an employer and a more productive, “mother friendly” workplace.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, Mothers in Architecture.

Listen now.

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