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Dream the Combine, MOS Architects, Present Practice, and Alexa Vaughn among winners of the American Academy’s 2022–23 Rome Prize


The American Academy in Rome (AAR) has awarded the 2022–23 Rome Prize and Italian Fellowships to thirty-eight American and four Italian artists and scholars. An award presented across eleven disciplines ranging from architecture, landscape architecture, visual arts, literature, and design, this year’s program gift offers an opportunity to foster “time and space to think and work.”

Established in 1894, the AAR is the oldest overseas center for research and independent studies within the arts and humanities. Mark Robbins, AAR President and CEO: “This year’s Rome Prize winners and Italian Fellows represent the diversity of the United States, and their projects build on the Academy’s commitment to the global impact of the arts and humanities.”

Below are the 2022–23 Rome Prize winners in the categories of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.


Rome Prize in Architecture

Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers (Vanishing Points: Overwriting Spatial Imaginaries of Rome), Founding…

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