Barbara Bestor Reflects on the Julius Shulman Institute and Woodbury University’s Commitment to Celebrating Architectural Photography Through Exhibition


Architecture and photography are two disciplines whose relationship has blossomed into visual documentation used repeatedly for reference, inspiration, and research. While there are many architectural photographers whose work has been exemplary in presenting the public with a glimpse into the world of architecture, Julius Shulman remains an industry icon and pioneer in the field. Since 2005, the Julius Shulman Institute (JSI) has acted as an important bridge for Woodbury University to connect the public with the disciplines of architecture and photography. To learn more about the JSI, its history, and its mission, I spoke with Woodbury University’s Julius Shulman Distinguished Professor of Practice and Executive Director of the JSI, Barbara Bestor

“Our goal is to change the way Architecture and photography of the built environment are understood and presented in our culture and museums,” shared Bestor. “It’s rare for there to be an architecture department in any given museum. On t…

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