Bailey Residence by Hacker Architects


The Bailey Residence offered a rare opportunity to renovate the interiors for one of the original 1970s Country House Condos at Central Oregon’s Black Butte Ranch – a beloved family home that had not been updated in many decades. 

The renovation’s design is a loving tribute to the original design concept, with a vibrant, nostalgic mix of colors and textures. From the bathroom tiling to the soapstone fireplace, each detail seeks to blend the retro spirit of the original interiors with a modern color palette that draws inspiration from the Ranch’s beautiful natural setting. Much of the design focuses on peeling back the aging interior layers to uncover the beautiful wood structural elements of the Bailey Residence that have been there all along. Carpet and drywall are stripped away to reveal the blue and buggy pine of the original structure, and great care was taken by the design team to match any new wood detailing with the particular vintage of Bailey’s existing buggy blue pine. The…

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