Aviation firm plans commercial flight powered by hydrogen for 2024


Plans to operate commercial hydrogen-electric flights between London and Rotterdam have been announced, with those behind the project hoping it will take to the skies in 2024. In a statement Wednesday, aviation firm ZeroAvia said it was developing a 19-seater aircraft that would “fly entirely on hydrogen.”

ZeroAvia, Dutch airport management company Royal Schiphol Group, Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport Foundation, and Rotterdam the Hague Airport have announced a partnership to develop the project. The initiative sets a timeline for potentially the first international zero-emission commercial passenger flight. ZeroAvia’s research and development is focused on powering electric motors using hydrogen fuel cells.

According to ZeroAvia’s press release, it and Royal Schiphol Group are in advanced partnership talks with airlines to agree on an operator for the planned route between the UK and the Netherlands. The pair will collaborate on testing and demonstrating hydrogen supply chain refueling operations and how this system will be integrated at airports. They will also plan a regulatory framework and gauge industry and public sentiments on hydrogen-powered aircraft.

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