Assembly OSM unveils its first modular apartment unit built using car and airplane assembly techniques


Modular construction startup Assembly OSM has unveiled its first one-bedroom apartment built using a new digital manufacturing method dubbed Post-Modular construction. Conceptualized by architects and co-founders of SHoP Architects, Bill and Chris Sharples, in collaboration with auto and aerospace engineers at Boeing, SpaceX, and Tesla, Assembly OSM aims to make high-rise construction faster and cheaper in order to address America’s housing crisis.

Assembly OSM’s building methodology takes a similar approach to how cars and airplanes are assembled. Digital twin technology is used to create collections of digitally-designed, fully customizable subassemblies where every item is tracked, assembled, and placed based on certain specifications. Detailed instructions for building components are generated and given to suppliers who then manufacture entire housing features, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and façade panels. From there, Assembly OSM uses its patented clipping mechanism to attach…

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