Architect Duo Dickinson on the hazards of practicing in the pandemic economy


Months of isolation made people rethink the way they wanted to live. That meant their buildings would change. That meant construction, and architects became useful again, after being abandoned. But the craziness of a new era has made all builders and architects simultaneously empowered by their new in-demand status while fully threatened by costs and availability of all the products and people necessary to build.

Earlier in the year, labor and supply chain issues had caused markets in steel and timber to skyrocket, delaying many commercial and residential projects industry-wide, in addition to triggering what some think will be a boom in demand once the pandemic subsides.

However bright the prospects are for some people, architect Duo Dickinson sees recent gains as part of a cycle which has become “insane and dangerous.”

Architect Duo Dickinson on the hazards of practicing in the pandemic economy

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“If the past is prologue, this boom shall soon bust,” he wrote. “The anecdotes of recent months are great in the construction world, but the articles and studies have not kept up with a chaotic time. In my little corner of this world, the last season has seen four of my clients dip their toes into building and use my firm to scope out the time and money involved, and when inflated numbers and indeterminable schedules were revealed, they simply opted out, even though…

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