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Arboretum House by Allied8


This project is the home of one of the architects at Allied8 Architects, a firm with a focus on creating beautiful homes, lowering barriers of access to housing and strengthening community. Naturally, this inclination towards community is visible in the way this project was designed, and in the way it behaves within its context. This home is as much about the neighborhood it’s in as it is about the family that lives in it. The addition to the 1970’s home blurs the line between common and private space, indoor and outdoor space, single-family and multifamily space. To begin the design process, fences were off limits–yards bleed into each other, outdoor dinner tables span property lines, back doors are left ajar.

Prior to building the addition, this three-generation family of six was squeezed into 2,200 square feet. With the house sited on a steep sloping lot, the existing house connected poorly to the sloped yard. This addition seized the opportunity to level out a small yard that se…

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