An architect will generate carbon emissions equal to the lifetime emissions of 162 typical Americans, according to COP26 talk


An architect who creates just three typical buildings over their career will be responsible for carbon emissions equivalent to the lifetime emissions of 162 typical Americans, the COP26 summit in Glasgow has been told

During a talk on “Adaptive Transformation” at the Danish Pavilion at COP26, Enlai Hooi, who works as the Head of Innovation at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in Copenhagen, said that professionals in the building industry carry a far greater responsibility for the world’s health than other individuals. Hooi referenced The Architects’ Journal’s RetroFirst campaign, an initiative that advocates for retrofitting existing buildings over demolition and rebuilding, calling for government reforms in taxation, policy, and procurement. 

This is especially important as Hooi pointed out that prevailing building culture and methods make the adaptation and reuse of existing buildings seem riskier to developers and investors. 

“What if we focused instead [of new build] on transitioning our existing buildings into an appropriate architecture for the future and reducing what we build new?,” Hooi said. 

“We have an obligation as architects to ask: what qualities exist in the [existing] building?” …

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