Allure tiles by Juliet McDonald for La Platera


Dezeen Showroom: Spanish tile manufacturer La Platera has launched a tile collection by Juliet McDonald, which is designed to look like marble.

Called Allure, the tile collection is available in five format sizes and is designed to cater to a range of spaces including bathrooms, kitchens and terraces.

A photograph of La Platera's Allure tiles used on the floor and walls of a terrace
The Allure tile collection by La Platera is designed to give the effect of marble

“Its striking grey and gold striations on a white background offer an interpretation of a classic marble that is dramatic and sits well in most settings,” said La Platera.

“Advanced digital printing effects are used to create a surface that mirrors nature whilst allowing designers to create an ambiance that is bolder than nature allows.”

A photograph of La Platera's Allure decor tiles
The décor version of the tile features fine grooves on the surface

The collection includes a mosaic version and a decor tile, which has fine grooves giving it a textured surface.

Product: Allure
Designer: Juliet McDonald
Brand: La Platera

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