Bustler’s Top 10 Architecture Competitions of 2021

Concluding Bustler’s year-in-review, we’re taking a look back at the competition highlights of 2021.

Our previous posts focused on Bustler’s Top-Prize Winning Architects and Designers and the Top Winning Projects and Student Works from the news section. Today we explore our competitions section: from the hundreds of architecture and design competitions listed here over the past 12 months, we compiled a countdown of the Top 10 Competitions of 2021. Take a look.

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Menko Cards Are the Subject of a New Art Book

Menko Cards Are the Subject of a New Art Book

Menko is a traditional Japanese card game that dates back over 250 years. Literally translating to “small object with a face,” the objective of the game is to throw your card against another to try and flip it or knock it out of the ring — with victory being granted to the player who knocks the most out by the end of the match.

The real magic of the game lies in the elaborate artwork of the cards, which over the years, has featured ninjas and samurais, fighter jets and tanks, to Western iconography, such as Mickey Mouse to baseball.

Parisian artist Antwan Horfee has compiled his personal collection of Menko cards in a new art book, titled Menko Boys Book. Mapped across 320 pages, the publication chronicles the rich pictorial history of Menko, but also showcases how Horfee tapped into Japanese culture through common children’s toys and entertainment.

Published by TOPSAFE, Menko Boys Book is available to purchase for $134 USD.

Speaking of Horfee, the artist partnered with TOPSAFE on the overlooked artwork of QSL cards.

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Menko Cards Are the Subject of a New Art Book

Seibert Architects designs Florida home for indoor-outdoor living

A glazed courtyard occupies the centre of this Florida residence by Seibert Architects, bringing light to the interiors and organising the circulation around the building.

Completed earlier this year, the Schechter Residence is a low-slung home that offers its owners a beach-focused lifestyle in Sarasota, Florida.

Glazed courtyard
The Schechter Residence was guided by the concept of indoor-outdoor living

Located just a few metres above from the shore, the 4,000-square-foot (372-square-metre) home enjoys a gently stepped-back garden leading down to the water.

“The pool area and waterfront yard are terraced to provide flat outdoor space for waterfront activities, children at play and to ease the transition down to the water,” said Seibert Architects, which is also based in Sarasota.

Vaulted ceilings
Seibert Architects added vaulted ceilings to the design

The entry sequence into the home leads into a lush courtyard. This exterior space enclosed by glass walls brings light into the building and also offers a space for the owners children to play.

“The courtyard, surrounded by glass on three sides, enriches movement through the house and enhances the entry by bringing light, vegetation, and sky to these experiences,” said Seibert Architects.

Seibert Architects designs Florida home for indoor-outdoor living
Inside, pops of vivid colour are set against white walls

The living spaces and primary bedroom are laid out as an enfilade of spaces facing the water. These rooms have much higher ceilings and are vaulted to make room for clerestory windows.

“These curved forms contrast with the more serious rectilinear nature of the design,” said Seibert Architects. “Its inhabitants describe them as uplifting.”

Open shelving that separates these spaces helps to define each without completely enclosing them.

The western facade of the home is fronted by tall sliding glass doors that lead out to the pool deck.

Florida home by Seibert Architects
The home’s furnishings intend to reflect the Florida lifestyle

This outdoor space is sheltered by a large retractable awning and a screened enclosure to protect users from harsh direct sunlight and insects.

This offers a year-round connection between the inside spaces and the pool and backyard.

Schechter House
The home is located in Sarasota

The remainder of the bedrooms are located on the opposite side of the home, facing the street.

Two children’s bedrooms share a common play area away from the living room, while the guest bedroom has its entrance closer to the foyer, for more privacy.

Schechter House
The Schechter Residence features a waterfront yard

The home’s mostly white finishes reflect Florida’s beach-oriented lifestyle. Seibert Architects provided pops of colour with bright furnishings, while the exposed wooden ceiling vaults add some warmth to the overall palette.

Other residences in Florida include an all-white home by Jeffrey Dungan that was completed in a range of different architectural styles, and a Miami Beach home for an art collector by Shulman + Associates.

The photography is by Ryan Gamma.

Project credits:

Architectural firm: Seibert Architects
Architect of record: Samuel C Holladay
Project architect/designer: Michael Epstein
Structural engineer: Hees & Associates
Contractor: Yoder Homes

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Nicolas Party Brings ‘Watercolor’ Exhibition to NYC’s Karma Gallery

Nicolas Party Brings ‘Watercolor’ Exhibition to NYC’s Karma Gallery

Contemporary art gallery, Karma, is showcasing a solo exhibition of watercolor paintings by Nicolas Party. Titled Watercolor, the exhibition features about 50 vibrant pieces that illustrate the prowess of the Lausanne-born figurative painter.

The paintings take on an elevated survey of plants and nature through the usage of highly-saturated colors, jewel-toned palettes and creative configurations. Emploring one’s eyes to transverse the canvas, Party utilizes abstract visual effects, geometry, serene landscapes and more to create a romantic look at nature. Several pieces focus specifically on trees, which Party expresses as “nature’s alphabets” and “infinite flexibility…which makes its execution endlessly playful,” according to a release. The usage of trees offers a look at not only nature’s fluidity but its power.

By playing with watercolor, Party is just as much the creator as he is the student due to the necessity of yielding to water’s natural freedom. “Water creates natural movement that forms shapes on the paper,” Party explains. “You have to let the fluid element of the paint do its part—the painting is moving and alive for several seconds.” Therefore, the practice of watercolor entails both skill and spontaneity.

The Watercolor exhibition is currently on display at Karma’s 22 East 2nd Street location in New York City through January 8, 2022.

In related news, Rachel Jones uses color to explore the boundaries of language.

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Nicolas Party Brings ‘Watercolor’ Exhibition to NYC’s Karma Gallery

Michigan Governor Whitmer signs bills to resurrect state’s only HBCU into college of design

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed two bills on Tuesday to re-establish the state’s first and only Historically Black College or University (HBCU). The former Lewis College of Business is slated to reopen as the Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design in 2022. It was originally founded in Indianapolis in 1928 before relocating to Detroit in 1939 where it operated until closing in 2013.

This will make it the first HBCU to close and then successfully reopen. Plans for the school’s reopening were announced several months ago, however, Governor Whitmer’s signing of House Bill 5447 and 5448 has made this effort a reality. The school will operate on the College for Creative Studies campus in Detroit and, according to Detroit Metro Times, will provide free tuition for Black designers, creatives, and future business leaders. 

Michigan Governor Whitmer signs bills to resurrect state's only HBCU into college of design

Previously on Archinect: A formerly closed HBCU in Detroit is reopening as a design school thanks to an industry leader

Pensole Lewis College of Business and Design is expected to open in March of 2022 and will be under the leadership of Dr. D’Wayne Edwards, the founder of the Pensole Design Academy in Portland, Oregon, former Nike design director, and controlling stockholder of the previously closed Lewis College of Business.

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